Jenny Landes

Beyond  -  I’m choosing this word to introduce myself. What I mean is that I’d like to go beyond the usual, “Hi, I’m Jenny Landes, advisor at the Birchwood Blue Hills Charter School since 2009.” When I graduated from Rice Lake High School I decided to push my education above and beyond, so I earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. After teaching K-12 instrumental, elementary, general and vocal music at Birchwood School for 23 years, my principal asked me to consider being involved in starting a brand new school that would go beyond traditional educational philosophies. Well, what I’ve experienced so far as a school creator and an advisor in project based learning has gone way beyond my expectations! I enjoy watching the 7th-12th grade BBHCS students go beyond the textbook as they gain in-depth knowledge by using their interests to create projects in all subject areas. I also strive to go beyond as I continue learning and growing by listening to and focusing on students as individuals, reading, using technology, video conferencing, presenting at state and national conferences, and by collaborating with other innovative schools and organizations. My husband and my son and daughter are beyond wonderful and they help me enjoy some of my other interests like watching hockey, playing golf, being on the lake, hiking and biking. Music continues to be a part of my life, expressing things beyond the notes on the page as I play percussion and piano. And finally, I just hope I didn’t go beyond the limits of good taste by using one word repeatedly in a bio - I just appreciate that you read beyond that first sentence!