Why Choose Us?

Today’s world is a different world and that is why we offer a different educational option - project based learning. We strive to find many ways to practice skills needed for success in this fast-paced, information age.

Traditional Model


and Montessori

At the BSCA   

Teacher decides pacing of curriculum for entire class

Curriculum is paced according to student ability and interest

Projects: student interest/choice - align with standards + project process

Students practice skills and memorize facts

Students practice skills in meaningful context and learn by doing

Innovate for real world connections, Connect with resources and experts, Public presentations

Products are of primary importance (i.e. answers on tests)

The process of learning is honored foremost

Ask good questions & practice good research skills,

Project Process - 4 phases

Avoiding mistakes is important

Mistakes are an important key to learning

Advisory Time, Critical thinking, Students reflect on learning

Performance on tests is highly valued

Tests meaningfully access only a portion of overall learning

Formative assessments, observations, and discussions - not grades

Teachers do the evaluating and grading

Student self-assessment plays a pivotal role

Product created to show learning- not worksheets/tests.

Students have voice in running the school.

Project Rubric filled out w/advisor + student input

Learning is expected to be uniform

Each student learns in his or her own way and course

Students create their tasks & timelines & reflect on learning,

Connect with resources

Focuses attention on what to learn

Attention is given to how students learn, and why

Individualized, Personal Learning Plans

Promotes genre and skill-based teaching

Promotes holistic and integrated learning

Experience Days and Seminars, Individual projects, Service Learning, Multi-age, Problem Solving