Governance Board

Birchwood Charter Schools Governance Board

The Birchwood Charter Schools Governance Board helps guide and direct the Birchwood Charter Schools (Birchwood Public Montessori, Birchwood STEAM and Career Academy, Bobcat Virtual Academy) and supports their missions and educational opportunities for students. 

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Governance Board Mission:

Our mission is to lead a new choice in quality education by providing direction in recruitment, financial support, and instructional vision.

Governance Board Members 
President -
 Vice-President - Mike Acrey
Secretary/ Treasurer - Candy Severson
Parent Member - Loretta Greener
Parent Member - Genna Mattson
Community Member - Nancy Zemaitis

Non-voting Representatives
BPM Representative - Halle Luedtke
BSCA Representative - Mike Zemaitis
BVA Representative - Sonja Rogers
Traditional School Representative - Kassy Weiss             

MIKE ACREY – VICE-PRESIDENT: Mike Acrey worked at General Motors in Arlington Texas. He began vacationing in the Birchwood area in the late 1990's. He retired after 30 years at GM in 2004 and moved permanently to Wisconsin to retire in 2006. In 2009 when The Birchwood Cafe and adjoining Laudromat came up for sale Mike and his wife Betsey came out of retirement. He joined the board in 2011 as a community member and began his service as Vice-President in 2013. Mike is also active with the Lions Club. When not at the Cafe, he finds enjoyment on the golf course. Mike has three sons and 10 grandchildren.

CANDY SEVERSON – SECRETARY: Candy Severson and her husband, Jon, retired to the Birchwood area in 2002. She graduated from the College of Education at the University of Minnesota with a major in math and a minor in business. For the majority of her career she was a registered representative at Merrill Lynch where, in addition to handling client accounts, her responsibilities included training office staff. She joined the Governance Board as a community member in 2010 and is beginning her seventh year as secretary. She has been a senior volunteer at Birchwood School for ten years, spending the last four years in the E1 classroom helping with practical life. When asked why she volunteers and serves on the board, her answer is that it is all about the kids, helping provide the best educational options. She enjoys genealogy and walks with her dogs.

LORETTA GREENER – PARENT MEMBER: Loretta Greener lives in Rice Lake and has been a school bus driver for Rice Lake for 14th years. She and her husband own Greener's Budget Lumber in Birchwood and enjoy being a part of Birchwood's community. Their son is open enrolled in the Birchwood Public Montessori for the second year; he is currently in the E-2 room as a 4th year student. Last year was her first year being on the Governance Board and she plans to remain on next year as well. She is providing leadership within the Governance board by leading fundraising planning to get some fun and new ideas to raise money for our schools.

GENNA PETERSON – PARENT MEMBER: Genna Peterson, her husband Mike and three boys live on the scout camp on Long Lake.  There they spend their time enjoying the great outdoors and working on their little hobby farm. Genna works for a large animal vet and Mike is employed by the Boy Scouts of America. Genna moved to the Rice Lake/ Birchwood area 6 years ago to build a life with her husband. Once the time came to decide where their children would attend school, Mike and Genna went to an open house at the Birchwood schools. After sitting in on presentations given by the students at the Montessori and Charter school, they chose to open enroll their son into the Montessori school. Genna is a new member to the governance board and excited to help where ever she is needed.