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Our mission is to create a learning community of students ready to contribute to a global society.

The Birchwood Blue Hills Charter School (BBHCS) is a project based school designed for students in grades 7-12.  BBHCS opened in the fall of 2009 as part of the Birchwood School District and is one of the many great options for our students. 

What does the BBHCS provide students?

The BBHCS provides students with a low teacher to student ratio (1:15), student-driven curriculum, a flexible time frame for study, hands-on learning experiences, individualized project learning, student created PLP's*, and a technology-rich environment within their personal space. This school breaks down the boundary between student and teacher and school and the “real world”.  Birchwood Blue Hills Charter School students are also able to take classes at Birchwood School and participate in all sports and clubs.

What do BBHCS students gain?

BBHCS students become lifelong learners, are effective communicators, are problem solvers, are active in the community, manage time and resources effectively, attain a well-rounded education, and have choice and voice. The student drives their education and builds a growth mindset by realizing that their abilities can develop with hard work and dedication.

*PLP:  Personal Learning Plan
Students and parents/guardians work with a BBHCS advisor to design an individualized curriculum each year that is project based in nature and may utilize virtual or face-to-face courses, mentorships, field experiences or other one-of-a-kind experiences.  All projects and learning experiences are aligned with the Wisconsin Model Academic and National Common Core Standards as well as the skills and habits of mind introduced in the Framework for 21st Century Learning.

Want to Know More?

Please visit! We invite you to come and check out our school and talk to the students and staff to really get a clearer picture of what we do. Contact principal Jeff Stanley ([email protected]) or advisor Jenny Landes ([email protected]) to set up a date and time. You might want to stop in for 30 minutes, a morning, a school day, or several days - whatever works best for you!

We are a  proud Laboratory School of the Innovative Schools Network. Details and History of the BBHCS can be found in our School Learning Plan Website


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